MoFaya ‘Fuels the Faya’ at the SG Golf Day


The MoFaya team brought a surge of energy to the SG Golf Day held on Friday, November 17, 2023, at the prestigious Bryanston Country Club.

The event, hosted by SG Convenience, witnessed MoFaya’s spirited participation as the sponsor of the 17th hole, creating an unforgettable experience for all attendees. The Bryanston Country Club was transformed into a haven of energy and excitement as MoFaya’s branding adorned the 17th hole.

The MoFaya team set up an impressive activation stand, creating a professional and engaging space that captivated golfers and enthusiasts alike. As players approached the 17th hole, they were welcomed by the vibrant MoFaya corner, an oasis of refreshment and energy.

MoFaya’s activation team worked tirelessly to ensure that each golfer received a taste of the brand’s invigorating energy drink, providing a boost to their game and leaving them refreshed for the remainder of the golf day.

Another highlight on the ‘MoFaya hole’ was the presence of South African Long Drive champion, Thorne Van Zyl. Any of the golfers on the day who outdrove Thorne stood a chance of winning an exclusive MoFaya branded driver.

The highlight of the evening came during the prize-giving ceremony, where MoFaya welcomed a special guest, none other than Miss South Africa, Natasha Joubert.

The presence of the esteemed beauty queen added an extra layer of glamour to the event as she greeted participants, took memorable photos with them, and shared the evening by the vibrant MoFaya corner at the dinner venue.

The seamless integration of MoFaya into the SG Golf Day showcased the brand’s commitment to enhancing experiences through dynamic partnerships.

“The SG Golf Day was a fantastic opportunity for us to connect with the SG Convenience community and showcase the dynamic spirit of MoFaya,” said Ntandose Mosibi, MoFaya brand ambassador. “Sponsoring the 17th hole allowed us to share our energy with the golfers, creating a memorable and invigorating experience. Having Miss South Africa, Natasha Joubert, join us for the evening added a touch of elegance and glamour to the event, making it truly special.”

The successful activation at the SG Convenience Golf Day strengthened the relationship between the two entities, emphasising MoFaya’s dedication to fostering meaningful partnerships.

As MoFaya continues to expand its presence and impact, events like the SG Golf Day exemplify the brand’s commitment to energising every moment and leaving an indelible mark on experiences.

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