Our Story

Ours is a story of fiery African resilience, courage, and passion – an adventurous journey on the path of possibility. Our roots run deep, inspired by the indomitable spirit of a proud continent.

Like our name, MoFaya’s essence is rich and purposeful. Our colours celebrate Africa’s bold spirit and resilience, while our flame symbolises selflessness and casting a light for others.

IGNITE YOUR MIND is more than a memorable slogan, it underpins our focus on awakening all five senses – sight, touch, hearing, smell, taste, and mind.

Fuelled by our FAYA values – Fearless, Ambition, Young-At-Heart, Authentic – we propel people beyond expectations. We’re not a brand; we’re a spirited, authentically African revolution and we invite you to join us on our journey to a limitless future where passion meets possibility.

Our Manifesto

MoFaya is a testament to African resilience, representing the interests of all people. We are a pillar of inspiration, giving people the push to excel beyond expectation.

As you showcase your potential, revealing the best and most successful version of yourself, we become part of your story.

For the People

MoFaya represents true entrepreneurial spirit and inspiring others to succeed. 

We spark transformation, imagination, determination, and the will to create a vibrant future.

Follow the Heat


Faya Up Your Collabs

Meet our Faya Starters, the dynamic individuals who personify the spirit and passion of MoFaya energy drinks.

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